Saturday, March 26, 2011 Most widespread Facebook Scams [Infographic] by MAYUR on MARCH 26, 2011 in INTERNET,SECURITY If you’re a Facebook social media user, then you must be aware of the various scams running over Facebook which can be pose harm to your privacy and online security. To help Facebook users, BitDefender has released an infographic on most frequent spam words and phrases, with a case study. According to Bitdefender safego statistics, 34.7% of scams promise to offer users profile traffic insights. The infographic details the types of messages used as baits in the spreading of social scam. A separate section is dedicated to a spam wave case study, which offers valuable info on illegitimate applications’ spreading mechanisms and potential click counts. It also features the Top 5 Busiest Scam Clicking countries. Read the Press Release for more info: ---- Most widespread Facebook Scams [Infographic]
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